“why the lion

is afraid of the mouse.”

Dawn is a pleasure to work with. She handles shifting scripts, circumstances, actors and location with ease and joy. She’s a highly skilled actor and improviser, and her rich emotional and intellectual life pervades the work and gives her powerful presence. Additionally, she was a true light in our cast. Dawn’s abundant and loving energy helped create a sense of trust and play within the ensemble.
— Lisa Dring// Writer & Development team - Rogue Artists Ensemble 'Kaidan Project: Walls Grow Thin'
Working with Dawn Anderson is a pleasure. She is a real professional who takes her craft seriously. Her acting style is natural yet precise; she seems incapable of a dishonest moment, truly inhabiting each character she portrays. She is also a friendly, bubbly person, but with real depth and strength about her. If you have the chance to work with her-do it. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.
— Bobby Roth// Director-'Lost', 'Prison Break', 'The Mentalist', etc.
I cast Dawn to play an incredibly challenging part-a very young autistic girl. To prepare for it, Dawn did an impressive amount of research—reading blogs, meeting autistic children, studying their home videos.
By the time she arrived on set, Dawn knew the character so deeply that all traces of ‘acting’ were gone. She WAS the character—her body language, her mannerisms, even her thoughts were the character’s.
Actors like Dawn make directing a pleasure—you simply sit back, watch, and applaud.
— Shuchi Talati//Director - 'Guttersnipes', 'Porcelain'
When casting, I look for actors with natural ability, AND discipline-someone who can and will immerse themselves in a character. Dawn’s talent, hard-work and attitude is impressive.
On set—Dawn delivers magic everyday.
— Joe Aaron//AFI 2011, Writer - 'Guttersnipes', Writer/Director of 'Crazy Jones, co-creator of 'Doug'
Dawn Anderson is one of the most hardworking and naturally talented actors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Having met many actors in both NY and LA working on many projects in many capacities over the last 18 years, there are few with the instincts for subtlety and raw truth in the moment.
She is naturally gifted at both dramatic beats and great with comedic timing. Combining beauty with skill and a brilliant personality, I would hire her again in an instant. It’s sad there are not more roles out there for amazing young Asian women. I think I need to start writing one soon.
— Michael Cruz//Writer/Director - 'Follow the Revolution!'