Comedy Showreel: 3min 12 sec


Workplace Comedy: Being perfect isn't easy, especially today.

Fantastical Comedy: Samantha's unusual rideshare passenger turns her average day on the job and life, upside down. Pilot

Precinct Comedy: Ella Plank is questioned about a robbery.

Young Comedy: These two best friends are here to save the day...sort of.

Physical Comedy: YOMYOMF Interpretations 2.0 contest short. 4 lines only. Commercial actress against deadly burger. Who will win?

Drama Showreel: 2min 40 sec


Family Drama: Ben has been in an accident, and his younger sister Amy consoles him.

Drama Post Apocalyptic/Sci-Fi: Marin and Eli are held captive and devise a plan to escape.

Thriller/Horror: It seemed like such a nice, simple Tuesday

Sci-Fi: Locked in a facility because of her special powers, Sophie escapes with The Underground's help. 

Drama Rehearsal Scene: This is the rehearsal tape for my audition as the character of a young woman with autism. On the spectrum, she is lower functioning but still processes many things.