“what if this is as happy as we ever get?

think about it.”

Hey there!

Let me introduce myself-I’m Dawn.

I find third-person resume listing bios a bit off-putting, so I’m going to speak to you like you are an actual human reading this. If you are a cyborg or a being from another planet, I have so many questions. Also, I hope you come in peace.

I am an up and coming American actress/artist/writer of Korean and Scandinavian descent. 

I am small in stature and head first into whimsy and wit, though it would be wise not to underestimate my fortitude. I’ve lived through some profound things in this life. Lighthearted with a dark and often corny sense of humor, I have a few surprises up my sleeve. I can be distracted by a flurry of butterflies and hand you a ten-page report at the same time. Expect the unexpected-in a good way. I’m not afraid to tackle the deep stuff.

Spoiler alert! I’m going to get a little actor-y here, so brace yourself. I promise it won’t be too long.

My Favorite Acting Highlights so far: 

I was chosen to portray a lower functioning autistic teenager in the short film Guttersnipes (written by Joe Aaron, whose daughter is autistic).  This role was incredibly challenging and I loved every minute of it. Kudos from the autism community for my work solidified my belief that I am capable of telling important stories for a living. I am incredibly grateful to have been a part of this project and it is one of my most treasured acting experiences. (Rehearsal tape available for viewing in my reels/clips section).

I was sought out by the SVT network to participate in one of Sweden's most popular shows (they won an international Emmy!), a heartfelt genealogy reality show - Allt För Sverige. I discovered my Swedish heritage, as well as many things about myself on this adventure. This has been one of my favorite life experiences because I discovered a country, family, and a part of me that I had never known. I know this isn’t technically acting, but it was very entertaining. Someone even made a meme of me from one of the episodes where I was super excited to be cooking an old-school Swedish meal-until I found out what it was. (Sizzle compilation available in my reels/clips section).


My favorite genres for acting are fantasy (Hello Guillermo Del Toro!), weird and/or dark comedy, and dystopian sci-fi, but I’m into almost anything with a real good story and interesting characters.

Even though I’m a unique being (like everyone else), if Drew Barrymore, Ellen Page, Rachel Weisz, and Anna Karina had a baby that grew up, that baby would be me.

My favorite Disney movie is ‘Return to Oz’ because it’s really strange and delightful and scary at the same time. Having said that, horror movies freak me out but I am great in them. No acting necessary.

I love to fill my acting career with a crossover of comedy and drama because life is filled with both. I’ve also recently ventured into the world of voice over for animation and I find it extremely fascinating and a complete blast.

I am constantly creating, collaborating and writing. I am really excited that Asian Americans are finally being given the chance in Hollywood to portray fully flushed out characters with diverse experiences. Yay!


I am a Sagittarius sun/Leo rising/Libra moon. I’ve been told that this combo is great for a creative. Cool.

I am forever curious. I believe that change is inevitable and growth is necessary. How we show up is up to us. Having a sense of agency is important. Life is awkward and complex and simple at the same time-always beautiful, always interesting. Just like people. I am constantly working on genuinely loving and encouraging me to step up my best self each day. If I can inspire someone else to do the same, it's a day well done. Work in progress. Always. Everything is energy. Dark/Light is needed for balance.

Fall down, give love. Rise up, give love. Inspire. Inspired.

If you are interested in knowing more about me personally, feel free to swing by my social media. I post pretty frequently.

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Thanks for popping in!

XoXo, Dawn